My Steam Halloween Sale Haul

Since moving out I haven’t really had a chance to use my Steam account. We’ve got a family PC which I couldn’t take with me, my laptop is in no way built for games, and I don’t have the space or money to buy my own PC. Kinda sucks. (Although I do have a PS4, Xbox 360, PS Vita and Nintendo DS, so I’m not exactly lacking in gaming. Privileged bitch.)

BUT seeing as I visit my parents about once a week (it’s more of a “hi.. *boots up PC* how are you.. *puts on headphones* that’s nice.. *loads up game* mhmm..”) I do get to have a tinker on the odd Steam game here and there. Lo and behold there was a Halloween Steam Sale this weekend, so I had a perusal through for some cheap as chips games. I gave myself a budget of £10 (because I’m supposed to be a responsible adult now, Christmas is round the corner and I have a ridiculous amount of unplayed games stacking up..) and I think I’ve done pretty well!

The five games I managed to get in my £10 budget are:

Outlast Whistle blower DLC – £1.49


Does a DLC count as a game? I think it does. It’s a mini prequel game to Outlast, not just maps or more items etc like your typical DLC. According to howlongtobeat.com, Whistleblower takes 4 hours to complete, so I’d definitely call it a game, albeit a short one.

I had a quick play of Whistleblower on Sunday, and forgot just how jumpy Outlast is! It has no mercy at all and found myself dying pretty much instantly when I tried to hide in a locker. Off to a great start. When I get a bit of a backbone I’ll have another try and hopefully get the game finished in a scary afternoon session.

Grim Fandango Remastered – £3.73


The original Grim Fandango was released in 1998 (I was eight!), and was a game I always wanted but never had. I don’t know why. Fast forward 17 years (holy shit) and Grim Fandango Remastered was released! Praise be, I can finally play it without trying to play an old copy on a mate’s PS1. I decided to wait a little while before buying it because I have an issue with spending more than £10 on digital games. I am very much a budget gamer (*cough*stingey bastard*cough*), and seeing as you can’t trade or sell digital games, I don’t like spending too much money on them. But I digress, I’m so excited to finally play a game I’ve waited 17 years to play.

The Room – £1.99


The Room was originally an iOS puzzle game, and was hailed by Apple as the best iPad game of 2012. An enhanced version of the game was released for PC in 2014, so seeing as I’ve never played the iOS or PC version, I’m hoping it doesn’t let me down!

Symphony – £2.03


Symphony is your classic arcade style shoot-em-up game with a twist – it uses your own music. It’s not exactly like Guitar Hero where you’re playing along with the song, but the game picks up on the beat and rhythm of the song playing, and incorporates it into the game. On my first play I chose Take on Me – Aha, and it was bloody hilarious. I’ve only played a few times through and already know that I’m going to get hooked, it’s also a small enough file that it works fine on my laptop, where all my music is saved. Bring on the musical fun!

Haunt the House: Terrortown – £0.99

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The  final game I bought was Haunt the House: Terrortown. A while ago I watched YouTuber NerdCubed have a play and it looked so cute and silly, so when I saw it was only 99p I couldn’t resist! The premise of the game is to possess objects in a haunted house and scare the bejeezus out of the occupants, the more people running away the more points you earn. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but I’m sure I’ll have fun with this little game.

So.. the overall total for these fives games? *drum roll* £10.23! I was 23p over budget, but I think I’ve done pretty damn well. It just shows that a little bit of patience can pay off, especially when it comes to Steam Sales!

Anyone else pick up a good bargain this Halloween Steam Sale?

– AmyGames

Twitter: @littleamyhere


Top 10 Scary Video Game Moments (Mild Spoilers)

To me, a scare in a video game doesn’t necessarily have to come from the horror genre, it doesn’t even need to have the intention of scaring you. I’m sure you have your own gaming moments that had you jumping out of your seat, letting out squeaks of terror, or sending you into such a panic you had to pause the game. Unless you’re playing Nazi Zombies and YOU. CAN’T. PAUSE. Here’s 10 of my favourite scares. You may agree, you may think I’m a sissy. Let’s go.

10. Crash Bandicoot: Boulder Dash

I know, you’re probably laughing right now. But imagine yourself as a seven year old kid, a kid who had never played a scary game or anything more than Super Mario Bros, to suddenly have a boulder hurdling towards you. There’s no stopping, no jumping over it, no running to the side to let it pass. It was intense! I recently bought Crash Bandicoot on my PS Vita, and when I got to this level I felt the same rising panic that I had as a kid. It’s not a huge scare, but it was one of my firsts.


9. Tomb Raider 2: THE DINOSAURS

I’m not a fan of dinosaurs. I mean, I like to see their skeletons in the Natural History Museum and know that they are very much extinct, but Jurassic Park messed me up to the point that I was freaking out on a kids Dinosaur ride in Disney World. Embarrassing.

So when I played Tomb Raider 2 (I was about 8 or 9), imagine my horror when a dinosaur came out of the darkness to eat me. No, not one dinosaur, TWO. My shooting technique was very much “spray and pray” on that level!


8. Resident Evil: The First Zombie Encounter

Quite possibly one of the most memorable horror moments that I won’t forget in a hurry. Watching it again almost twenty years later (wow. I feel old.) the graphics and music are laughable, but Resident Evil certainly inspired the survival-horror genre (it was the first game to be given the title), and also with it’s alternative endings feature. Who lives, who dies – you decide.

7. Call of Duty Black Ops 2: The Warthog

Like I said before, not all scares in video games are intentionally scary. There’s something about the sound of the Warthog that scares the hell out of me; it’s not something I’d like to hear moments before I die. The video doesn’t really give it justice, but here you go.

6. Bioshock: Splicers

I’m only about halfway through the first game of the Bioshock franchise (I love it), but those Splicers give me the creeps. Their distorted masks and brutal violence gets me into a right panicky state as I’m trying to fight them off with whatever weapon I have at the time, usually just your wrench! I’m sure there’s plenty more creepy characters the further I get into the game.


5. Dead Space: All of it.

I never completed Dead Space, I didn’t even get very far into it I was so scared. The moment I was officially done was when I was walking up to the next checkpoint, relieved I’d made it, when suddenly this horrifying monster-thing jumped out and killed me. I never attempted to reach that checkpoint again.


Free hugs!

4. The Evil Within: Chainsaw Guy

Another game I’ve yet to complete, but this one I’m gonna try to! I’m not necessarily scared by much of this game, possibly because I’m expecting a lot of the jumpscares, but the guy with the chainsaw freaked me out. When playing it with a friend, we got stuck very early on in the game trying to get past him on a ward. Lots of hiding in lockers, ducking under tables, chucking glass bottles to distract him. The epitome of anxiety.


3. Silent Hill 2

Another hit of nostalgia. I’ll be honest, I’m only guessing that the scare I’m thinking of is from this game, as I’m not exactly sure. I was watching my stepbrother play the game, he was running round a curved corridor, when suddenly a huge monster was there, chasing him down. He screamed, I screamed, we had to pause the game and take a break. It’s a complete horror cliché but it was a good’un.

(I can’t find a photo or video of the curved corridor so have a photo of Pyramid Head. You’re welcome.)

silent hill 2 director's cut-03

2. Outlast: The Courtyard

Outlast is full of jumpscares and all the horror clichés, but the part that scared me was in the courtyard. You’re trying to find the Priest, you come across a few notes, locked gates, a shed with a key inside, and it’s gotten a bit too quiet. As you walk back to the middle of the courtyard you hear the most terrifying, demonic sound, then a black, shadowy figure rises from the ground and flies above you. I was bricking it. I’ll take Chris Walker on any day, just get me away from whatever the hell that was. I had quite a few “jump-out-of-my-seat” moments in Outlast, but that part scared me the most.


1. P.T.

No words can describe just how terrified I was playing this damn game, nay DEMO. It’s not even a full game, just a teaser for the next Silent Hill. A GODDAMN DEMO. I played P.T. with a friend; it was about 2am, we had the lights turned off, and were taking turns playing with each new corridor. Well guess who got the big jumpscare? Me. My friend practically jumped onto my lap, I hit myself in the face with the controller, we were a mess. The scariest parts? 1. The baby crying, 2. The sound of the woman breathing/choking down the phone, 3. The refrigerator violently shaking when the baby’s cries got louder, 4. TURN AROUND. I SAID TURN AROUND.

Considering P.T is only a short demo, it’s gotten me very excited for the next Silent Hill installment. I might have to play that one with the lights on, though.


And there we go, my top 10 scary moments! What video games scared you the most? Or, what game that wasn’t supposed to be scary had you hiding behind your couch?

– AmyGames

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Outlast: Scary as Hell! (mild spoilers ahead)

I finally completed Outlast tonight. I started the game back in November with my friend, Kim, and we made a few YouTube videos from our gameplay for fun (she’s not much of a gamer so couldn’t grasp the controls. Hilarity ensued.) I’ll post links to one of the videos if anyone wants to watch two girls make fools of themselves.

It took me a while to carry on playing since November because, to put it frankly, the game is scary. The amount of times I screamed out loud, jumped out of my seat or had to pause the game just to give myself time to breathe is unbelievable. We decided to put the difficulty on Hard, I can’t even imagine what it must be like on Nightmare or Insane. Jesus.

Once I got into the gameplay, I felt like Outlast lost it’s edge at some points. It became a bit repetitive with it’s objectives, especially when trying to catch up with Father Martin or the constant searching for keys/keycards to access rooms and floors. However, the idea of being unable to defend yourself against incredibly violent people, with only the night vision on your camera to help guide you through a derelict asylum kept me gripped. The moment you temporarily lose your camera shows just how helpless you are in the dark, then finding your camera only to turn around and have someone standing right behind you. Yup. I screamed.

The part that actually scared me the most was when we first witness The Walrider in the courtyard. You suddenly see a black figure, which rises in the air then flies towards you making a hell of a noise. The demonic sounds, the storm, the inability to see what the hell was going on. Terrifying.


I think I enjoyed the game a lot more on a personal level, as last summer I spent the night in a shut down hospital. It was Newsham Park Hospital, in Liverpool. Originally the building was an orphanage, before changing into an asylum, then finally a general hospital, mostly for geriatric patients. I’ve experienced first hand walking through an abandoned hospital, with only torchlight to see what’s in front of you. The scary patients weren’t there (physically..), but hell, that place gave me the creeps.

IMG_3339 IMG_3373

One thing I did notice about Outlast is that there is a Female Ward, but not one female character in the entire game. What happened to the female patients? I recall there being one document referring to a woman waking up with cuts on her, but none of the Variants, or any of the corpses were women. I haven’t played Whistleblower yet, perhaps it will give me an explanation. We’ll see.

Has anyone else completed Outlast, or tried the Insane level?

For now, I’ll leave you one of my YouTube playthroughs. Yes, it’s silly, but we had fun, and that’s what counts right? RIGHT?!

– AmyGames

Twitter: littleamyhere