Video Game Quiz!

Guys! It’s been far too long. Like four months too long.

My first ever blog post was a video game quiz, so seeing as I’ve been away for a while and a bit rusty on the old blogging malarkey, I thought I’d get back into it with a new Video Game Quiz that’s popped up on Tumblr.

Please feel free to use the quiz for your own blogs!

Here we go:

1:Do you try to stay away from walkthroughs?

Generally yes. I feel like they can spoil the game, especially if you read a bit too far ahead and reveal too much of the storyline! I usually have a rule where I try on my own for at least half an hour, then if I’m still stuck I can have a sneak peek at a walkthrough. I’d never judge someone who uses them or needs them to progress in a game, I’d rather finish a game with a bit of help than leave it on my shelf because I couldn’t get past one section!

2:Company you’re always loyal to?

I wouldn’t particularly say I’m a loyal gamer, but going through VG companies I’d say Rockstar is up there. I’m still waiting for another game like LA Noire.. This is probably embarrassing to say but the company I’m most loyal to is probably Treyarch, or just the Call of Duty franchise as a whole. I can’t help it, I have a love/hate relationship with those games!

3:Best game you’ve ever played?

Oooooooh. Tough one. Probably Portal (I consider Portal 1 and 2 one big game, that’d be like having a favourite child). I actually cried when I finished Portal 2 because I was so upset it was over. I got a bit obsessed with the games, I was having dreams of jumping through portals and was rushing home from work just to play it.

4:Worst game you’ve ever played?

I think I’ve mentioned this before.. but SPICE World. I don’t think it should be allowed to be called a game, it’s just one big giant pile of disappointment. My dad took me and my brother to GAME (or Gamestation, whatever it was called in 1998) and said we could each pick a game of our own. He tried to buy our love with video games, what a guy. I can’t remember what my brother bought, either FIFA or a mundane racing game, but I bought SPICE World. This was my first video game that was mine, not a game for the family to play, it was for me. Little Amy in her Spice Girl platform shoes, with her bubble coat and weird see-through plastic backpack. In my mind the game was going to be like the platform games out at the time, kind of like a Lego game where you can switch characters and unlock outfits. But no. NO. You pick a Spice Girl song, then “remix” it, which creates a choppy, out of time mess. Next you go to a dance studio and learn a dance routine of buttons, THEN you go to a TV studio where the crappy song plays and you press the dance routine buttons. THAT’S IT. This is the kind of shite they thought was acceptable to push for young girl gamers to play, and it still happens today with the Bratz or Barbie games (there’s plenty of YouTube Let’s Play videos of people taking the piss out of these games). Clearly it still upsets me..

5:A popular series/game you just can’t get into no matter how much you try?

Halo. I played it a lot on the original Xbox with my brother back in the day, but I never carried on the franchise. I tried to play Halo 3 on Xbox 360 but felt out of touch with it so gave up. I don’t own an Xbox One so I can’t even play The Master Chief Collection to try it again.

6:A game that’s changed you the most?

Tomb Raider was a big game for me growing up. I was never very good at it but I really enjoyed playing it and watching other people play. A few years ago when I was going through a rough patch I played Tomb Raider Legend four times in a row. I would get overwhelmed by new games, so decided to stick with Lara. She got me through a bad time!

7:A game you’ll never forget?

Besides Tomb Raider, I’ll never forget PT. I know it was just a demo, but playing it in the dark with a mate at 1am and absolutely crapping ourselves was such a fun time. The hype, mystery and eventual let down of the cancelled Silent Hills game was unforgettable. 

8:Best soundtrack?

Child of Light’s soundtrack was so beautiful, it made me cry a few times throughout the game. I’m currently playing Unravel which also has a gorgeous soundtrack, it’s so laid back but sad at the same time. I’m waiting for the official soundtrack to be released so I can buy it!

9:A game you turn your volume off every time you play it?

I don’t think I’ve ever turned the volume off in a game?

10:A game you’ve completely given up on?

Not going to lie, there’s a few. One franchise I really wanted to play was Mass Effect. I hit a big, game destroying glitch in the first game and that kind of killed it for me. Maybe one day I’ll give it another go.

11:Hardest game you’ve played?

I tried Dark Souls, it wasn’t for me. (Not just the difficulty, the game in general)

12:Shortest time you’ve beaten a game in?

I’m a pretty slow gamer and don’t really clock my time in a game, but I completed the Call of Duty Black Ops III campaign in one sitting. Went to bed at 7am. It was awful.

13:A game you were the most excited for when it wasn’t released yet?

LA Noire. I don’t pre-order games, but that game was pre-ordered. Also the Tomb Raider reboot from 2013. (I’m still waiting on the PS4 version of Rise of the Tomb Raider!)

14:A game you think would be cool if it had voice acting?

I don’t know. Games without voice acting work because they have no voice acting. Like Child of Light, I don’t think it would have worked if the characters spoke.

15:Which two games do you think would make an awesome crossover?

Tomb Raider and Uncharted? Or is that too cliche? 

16:Character you’ve hated most? From what game?

I can’t think off the top of my head of my all time most hated, but I really disliked Chloe in Uncharted 2. Always making snarky comments and getting in the way!

17:What game do you never tell people you play?

There’s no hiding your gameplay these days, might as well embrace it! I don’t think there’s ever been a game I’ve been embarrassed to play. My mum bought me Shrek 3 on Xbox 360 and I still own it! It’s a terrible game but I actually had a laugh playing a few of the mini games.

18:A game you wish your friends knew about?

Mate, I wish I had more friends that played games..

19:Which game do you think deserves a revival?

I’m excited for the Crash Bandicoot Remasters, but I’m a bit worried they’ll botch it up. Looks like they’ve done a good job with the Uncharted series, but Crash is a lot older.

20:What was the first video game you ever played?

It was either Tetris or Super Mario Bros. My parents bought a NES in 1991 when I was about 18 months old. Seeing as it was quite a robust console they let me bash about on the controller from a young age.

21:How old were you when you first played a video game?

18 months old!

22:If you could immerse yourself in any game for one day, which game would it be? What would you do?

I feel like I’m repeating games in this quiz, but Portal would be amazing. I’d love to use one of the portal guns. But just being in a game where you can run for long distances or climb walls, I know people can do that in real life but I can’t!

23:Biggest disappointment you’ve had in gaming?

See above for SPICE World story.. 

24:Casual, Hardcore, or in the middle?

In the middle, leaning more towards casual. Depends on how I’m feeling and how hyped I am about a game.

25:Be honest; have you ever used cheats (like ActionReplay or Gameshark)?

Besides the cheats in the old school magazines you could buy in the 90’s, or the cheats in The Sims (rosebud!;!; and motherlode anyone?) I’ve never used cheats.

26:Handheld or console?


27:Has there ever been a moment that has made you cry?

I cried at the end of Portal, The Walking Dead, Child of Light (throughout the game), and got emotional at the end of Wolfenstein. My first ever game where a character dies as part of the story line was Final Fantasy 7 when Aeris dies. I had to google her name because my brother changed her name to Jenny, which is my mum’s name. Bit weird watching your mum die in a video game at 8 years old.

28:Which character’s clothes do you wish you owned the most?

The Assassin’s Creed outfits are pretty damn cool.

29:Which is more important, gameplay or story?

For me it’s the story. As much as I enjoy bigger games like Skyrim, I can get a bit lost as to what I’m supposed to be doing.

30:A game that hasn’t been localized in your country that you think should be localized?

I can’t think of any game that hasn’t been released over here in the UK? I’m assuming there’s a lot of cool Japanese games not released here, I’ve never looked into it though.


And there you go! Like I said please feel free to use the quiz in your own blog post (unfortunately I can’t credit who created the quiz as I can’t find the original post on Tumblr!)

Hopefully I’ll be posting again on here soon, I’ve been playing a lot of games that I want to talk about!

– AmyGames

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You Know You’re Playing a Good Game When:

  1. You’re constantly clock-watching to see how long you’ve got before you can go home and play.


2. You can’t get the soundtrack out your head – and you don’t mind at all.


3. You talk about the storyline like the characters are actual real people.


4. You turn into that annoying person, calling people into the room to watch action replays or videos you’ve made over and over again.


5. You start dreaming that you’re in the game. (I was having Portal dreams for weeks..)


6. You constantly recommend the game to people, and can’t seem to find the words to describe just how good it is.


7. You want to buy ALL THE MERCHANDISE.


8. Who needs food? Who needs sunlight? Who needs friends? AM I RIGHT?!


9. You feel a sense of pride when you complete the game, but can’t help feeling sad as you watch the end credits roll, knowing you’ll never experience the game the same way again.


Have a good weekend, everyone!



Too Many Games, Not Enough Time!

I’ve decided to make a pledge to myself, a challenge. I’m not allowed to buy any more games until I complete 5 games that are already on my shelf. I know. Crazy.

I’m a bit of an impulse buyer, my bookcase is crammed full of books waiting to be read, and my game shelf is just the same. I bought my PS4 back in April, and up to now I have seven unplayed PS4 games (not including downloaded games..), but I have an incredible amount of games for my Xbox 360 that I haven’t even started, or are half played and were never finished. It’s a goddamn travesty!

So I’m putting my foot down. Five games that are already on my shelf need to be completed, and these are the five I’ve picked out (but are subject to change):

  • Bioshock – I love Bioshock. The soundtrack, the underwater world of Rapture, the creepy shadows of the Splicers, and of course, the Big Daddies and Little Sisters. Absolutely beautiful. I have no idea why I didn’t complete it!
  • LA Noire – This game. THIS GAME. I bought it on release day, and dedicated hours upon hours to this gorgeous son of a gun. I made it to disc three, so only had a few hours left until completion. Then my brother came to stay after he had surgery. I let him play my Xbox when I was out at work, as long as he created his own savings on games. HE DIDN’T. I sat down for the last leg of LA Noire, suddenly my cop had been sacked, having an affair, and I had no bloody idea what was going on. My brother decided to have a go, didn’t know what he was doing and screwed up my save without telling me. I had no choice but to give up. So I’m trying again, right from the beginning. No brothers allowed this time.
  • Alien: Isolation – My parents bought this for my birthday last year, it’s quite long for a horror game, but I’ve already put several hours into it. I need to see it through to the end!
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – I played the first mission, but other than that I haven’t ventured into the campaign. I’ve spent a hell of a lot of hours in multiplayer, though. GUN GAME, BABY.
  • Far Cry 3 – It’s been sat on my shelf for a long time, but I’ve never started it. I’ve actually never played any of the Far Cry franchise, but I’ve been told it won’t make much of a difference not starting from the beginning. It looks epic, as does Far Cry 4!

And there’s my five. They may change over the next few weeks, but the goal is to complete five games before I buy anymore games. I bought three games this week, even though I’m in the process of moving into my own place! I can’t keep spontaneously buying games anymore!

– AmyGames

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Murdered: Soul Suspect – Game Review

Last week I completed Murdered: Soul Suspect on the PS4. Even though it had it’s problems, I actually really enjoyed it.

Since the game’s release in June last year, Murdered: Soul Suspect has received very mixed reviews. A lot of people complained about the short length of the game, absence of combat, the strange puzzles and lack of storyline. On top of that, the independent game developers, Airtight Games, closed down just one month after M:SS was released, and we’ve never been given a full explanation as to why. According to reports, the company were laying off staff in the few months before the release date, leaving us to believe that financial difficulties were to blame. It’s a tough world out there as an indie game dev.

murdered soul suspect screen

So, what’s the story? Right from the get go you find your character, Detective Ronan O’Connor, in the middle of a police pursuit for a serial killer known as “The Bell Killer.” Ronan is thrown out of a high storey window, miraculously survives, but finds his spirit has left his body. He attempts to try and find help in his ghost-like state, but looks up to find The Bell Killer is suddenly standing above his body, shooting him at point blank. Boom. Dead.

There’s a quick cut scene flashback, showing some of Ronan’s important memories. We see him involved in petty crimes as a kid, to being charged with assault & GTA, being sent to prison, turning his life around when he meets the love of his life, Julia, becoming a Police Officer, his wedding day, Julia’s sudden death, and his obsession with solving the mystery of The Bell Killer. As the flashback plays out, we see tattoos symbolising these moments in his life appear on his body. I thought it was a pretty cool idea, something I’ve never seen before, and it was a great way of getting an idea of who your character is before you start playing. Of course, the memories are rather cliché, and it’s very much like “See this thing we’re showing you now? Don’t you forget it now!” but personally it was a nice cut scene, probably because I like tattoos so much..

Ronan realises he’s dead, and is visited by the spirit of his wife, Julia, who tells him he’s in a dangerous place (I’m gonna assume limbo..) and the only way they can be reunited is for him to resolve the unfinished business that’s stopping him from moving on. Ronan believes this is to find out The Bell Killer’s identity, and begins the investigation.

Let’s be real, the game is a mix of LA Noire and the cheesy 80’s movie Ghost. I loved LA Noire, and I’m a total sucker for Ghost, so I felt like this game was created for the likes of me. There was a distinct lack of pottery scene with shirtless Patrick Swayze, though.


Gotta love a bit of Swayze.

All joking aside, I can see why some people didn’t like the game. The combat scenes against demons were very basic, plus there was an abundance of hiding places (in weird fuzzy spirit clouds?) so the fear of being killed (again..) was very slim. That’s not to say I didn’t get killed by demons, and the main reason was down to glitches.

My God, the glitches.

The first demon I came across had me completely stuck. No buttons worked besides rotating the camera, and the demon couldn’t even kill me. We were stuck staring at each other, and in the end I had to reboot the game and start from the last checkpoint. Luckily it had just saved, but after having a little read through a few forums, it appears to be a common problem. There were even a few people that couldn’t even load from the previous checkpoint, and had to start all over again, so thank the Gods this didn’t happen to me!

My favourite glitch (it’s quite bad when a game has so many glitches that you pick your favourites) was when I got stuck possessing the cat during a demon encounter. I couldn’t move from a window ledge, and had the demon up in the cat’s face going nuts, but couldn’t kill me or the cat. The only controls I had were to turn around and MEOW.

Here, I even saved a video to show how ridiculous it was:

Now this brings me onto my next problem – the sharing function on the PS4 didn’t record any audio. I really enjoy using the PS4 share function, and I’ve had no problems with games such as CoD: AW, Destiny and The Walking Dead, so I’m assuming it’s a glitch with the game. It was a bit of a let down really.

To me, the controls felt a little clunky at times. For the choice of actions towards a person or object to pop up you had to be at the right distance and angle, but get too close you’d have to walk away and start the process again. After a few hours it got a little bit frustrating, so in the end I was walking up to objects a lot more slower to make sure it didn’t happen.

I also found that towards the end of the game some things just weren’t working anymore – the chimes to indicate a clue had stopped, the misty clouds to hide from the demons weren’t there anymore, and the demons were mostly silent and no longer screamed. It felt like the developers kind of gave up in the end, which is a shame, as the game started off really well.


I know what you must be thinking, “you said you liked the game but you’ve just made a pretty decent sized list of complaints,” which is true, but not every game you like is flawless. Here’s a few reasons why I really enjoyed M:SS.

Firstly, I really liked the setting. Being a lover of all things witchy and supernatural, Salem is a place I’ve always wanted to visit. Although the town created in M:SS is fictional, it does create that eerie seaside town atmosphere with the fog, old buildings, and of course the references to the witch trials.

Although the history of the witch trials given in the game was quite basic, I still enjoyed it. Like I said, the story of the witch trials intrigues me, and I’ve never come across a game that incorporates it with the storyline (if anyone knows any games that do – hit me up).

Also, and most importantly – YOU CAN POSSESS A CAT. Enough said.


I know a lot of people complained about the shortness of the game, but for me it was just enough for a weekend spent inside gaming, with a decent storyline and a few side missions alongside it. I find that I do well with games that have a set path, as I get overwhelmed with big, open games such as Skyrim. I end up spending hours riding across mountains on a horse, questioning my life choices.

According to the website How Long to Beat, the main story takes on average about 6.5 hours to complete, with an extra 2 hours or so on top with the side missions. It took me just under 8 hours to complete, but I didn’t finish all of the side missions. It is a short game, but if you look at the hardships Airtight Games were going through during the production of M:SS, perhaps they decided to keep it short and sweet to stay on budget and actually have the game released. We’ll never know.

To conclude, Murdered: Soul Suspect was a game with it’s problems, but to me it was still enjoyable. There aren’t many games similar to LA Noire on the market, and even though M:SS is definitely not up to the same mark, it certainly did try.

Overall rating? I’d give it 6.5/10.

One more thing – I am so glad I didn’t come across this game-breaking glitch:

Have any of you guys played Murdered: Soul Suspect? What did you think?

– AmyGames

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Video Games Motion Sickness – Is it a Thing?

This weekend I started playing Murdered: Soul Suspect on PS4. I’m really enjoying the game, but I’m having to take regular breaks as I’m feeling dizzy, nauseous and have that feeling of being on the verge of a headache.

It’s something I’ve never thought about too much but I realise that it’s a common feeling I get when I play certain games. I ended up Googling “feeling sick playing video games” and found a hell of a lot of articles and forums talking about motion sickness. It might sound a little naive of me but I was surprised! I’ve heard about people suffering motion sickness playing with the likes of the Oculus Rift or Guitar Hero, but it never crossed my mind that it could happen in your standard video game.

I’ve been reading a few posts about personal experiences with motion sickness, there’s a lot of variations but a lot of it seems to be caused by First Person Shooters or games with smaller Fields of View. There’s also a lot of debating between different consoles and their graphics quality.

My motion sickness seems to be an amalgamation of a few things. I don’t feel it when I watch other people play, and I don’t have any problems with PC games, so it could have something to do with playing on a bigger screen (my TV isn’t even that big, it’s a lot bigger than my PC screen though..). I’ve noticed that I feel nauseous playing the campaign of Call of Duty but never in multiplayer, so it may have something to do with the length of time I play.

The theory behind video game motion sickness (or simulator motion sickness) is that there is confusion in the lack of movement your body is feeling and the movement that your eyes are seeing. Your brain gets muddled by this, causing the dizziness, headaches and nausea. I’m not a doctor, I can’t confirm this, but this is the general thesis I’ve come across on my Google travels.

So, how to cure it? Stop playing games? Sure, but where’s the fun in that?! Luckily, I’ve come across a few tips to help alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness:

1. Increase the game’s Field of View (FOV). This isn’t a solution for all games but it seems to have helped a lot of people, especially those playing Skyrim.

2. Sit up straight, and stay central to your screen. Lying down or sitting at an angle to your screen can cause visual distortion, warping what you’re meant to be seeing.

3. All the Ginger! Ginger tea, ginger biscuits, actually nibbling on raw ginger can help soothe those sicky feelings. Personally, I’d choose the ginger biscuits.

4. Try motion sickness pills. I’d hope my motion sickness doesn’t get so bad that I have to start popping pills to play video games, but it seems to have helped a lot of people who suffer from it a lot. I’d recommend speaking to your doctor about using anti-sickness medication first, though.

5. Drink water. You’d think this would be obvious but I know a hell of a lot of gamers who live solely on energy drinks. They can cause sickness and headaches themselves, so try cutting down on energy and fizzy drinks and have a pint of water stacked with ice, instead. If you’re not a fan of plain water, add a splash of cordial juice for flavour.

6. Open a window. Sitting in a hot room can cause nausea, and with your electronics on for hours each day, the room can get pretty toasty. Try opening a window and letting a breeze in.

7. Disable the “bobbing” motion. Some people feel motion sickness from the constant bobbing of a character or their gun. In some games you can disable this mode, try fiddling round in the visual options of the game.

8. Take regular breaks. Another obvious tip, but it’s one that we all forget when we’re so engrossed in a game. If you’re forgetful, set an alarm on your phone, pause the game, go the loo, stretch your legs and get a drink. If the game doesn’t pause, try aiming for a level or end of a mission to take your break. Even some loading times are long enough for you to get up for a bit (I’m looking at you, Bloodborne..).

Remember, if your symptoms become severe – stop playing. We’re all game lovers here but it’s not worth making yourself ill. Book an appointment with your GP and opticians to rule out any other sinister health issues that might be at play if your motion sickness gets worse.

Does anyone else suffer from similar problems playing games? Any tips of your own? Let me know!

– AmyGames

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Spooky Scary Skeletons.

Last night I invited a few friends over for a Spooky Games Night with a side of pizza. We’ve sort of come to an age where going out drinking every weekend doesn’t cut it any more, plus the amount of money you spend on alcohol makes my eyes water. The most we spent was £6 each on food, had a great time, and no hangover!

We started the night playing PT. I played it last year when it first came out, and honestly I was psychologically scarred by the demo. We didn’t know the controls, what the premise of the game was, or what the jumpscares were, so it took us quite a while to get through to the end, and didn’t manage to complete the final puzzle (people were still discussing theories back then).

I tried to let my friends take control of the game last night, as I didn’t want to spoil it for them. The only hints I gave them were the controls (R3 to zoom and the X button I believe are the only buttons?), and showed them the picture frame that you need to find the ripped up pieces for.


(This corridor looks far too much like my brother’s home. No joke.)

It was interesting playing it through again, as things happened this time round that didn’t happen last time. There’s a moment where the radio says “Turn around.. I said turn around..” First time playing we were like HELL NO and kept walking with our head down until we got to the door, not coming across the Lisa jumpscare until the next loop. This time, the moment the radio said “Turn around..” the Lisa scare instantly kicked in, making us all jump and one of my poor friends wouldn’t come out from behind a cushion. What I love about PT is it has so few jumpscares, you spend the majority of the game waiting for them, making it so much more intense. We also saw Lisa on the balcony, which I didn’t see first time round, but didn’t see her in the window this time.

We made it to the end and I was eager to try the final puzzle, so took over the controller. After doing a bit of research, the theory that came up the most was to:

  1. Watch the digital clock, when the time changes to 00:00 stand still until the chimes end, then walk 10 steps and stop. This will make the baby laugh.
  2. A haunting should begin, with Lisa laughing/crying over the phone and lots of strange noises and interference sounds. During the haunting, but after Lisa finishes crying, whisper “Jarith” into the microphone. Try it as many times as you like, as it takes a few seconds for the PS4’s voice recognition to kick in. This should make the baby laugh.
  3. After the baby laughs, stand completely still. Your controller should start vibrating, then when it stops, the baby will laugh and the phone will ring. Walk over to the phone, press R3 to zoom in onto the receiver, and a voice will be heard saying “You have been chosen.” Then the trailer for Silent Hills should begin.

We had to try this several times, the first try I got the baby to laugh from the 10 steps, but couldn’t get anything from whispering into the microphone. We had to walk through the loop to reset it and try again. The next try I walked too many steps which didn’t trigger the baby, so finally on the third loop it worked. I was so spooked by whispering into the microphone, then hearing the baby laugh! Even though I’ve seen the Silent Hills trailer before, it’s gotten me excited all over again. NORMAN REEDUS.


After PT we had a short break playing Call of Duty (as you do), then moved onto Slender: The Arrival.

I’ve played the original Slender plenty of times, but didn’t realise Slender: The Arrival had more of a story to it. We expected it to be the original game but with better graphics! The game is split into five chapters, starting with having to search your friend’s house after her mysterious disappearance. There are strange drawings on the walls of trees and Slenderman, and the house is in complete darkness with all of the doors open. The first thing I said was “maybe you should shut the front door after you… HE’S ALREADY OUTSIDE.”


With each chapter comes a different objective, focused around collecting items i.e notes, switching on generators, shutting the doors and windows in the house during a flashback. The premise is similar to the original, but it has a lot more depth, better graphics and sound effects (the classic drum “boom boom” beat still kicks in when you’re collecting notes), and attempts to give a backstory to the urban legend.

We’re also introduced to a different character down in the mines chapter. A child-like monster that SPRINTS TOWARDS YOU AND ATTACKS YOU. I was mentally prepared for running into Slender, not having to run away from someone else!


Overall it took us just under two hours to complete the whole game. It was quite fun, but I do think Slender is a game to play with a few people together, it sort of heightens the atmosphere and fear factor a little bit. I do recommend having a go if you’re into the classic horror game, it’s currently £6.99 on Steam if you’re interested (might be worth waiting until it pops up in a Steam sale, though!).

Even my dog enjoyed watching us play:


She’s no scaredy cat!

I’m thinking of hosting another scary game night, any recommendations? We’re thinking along the similar lines of PT and Slender, nothing too long to complete, but a ruddy good scare!

– AmyGames

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Oh my Thor, I bought a PS4.

My friends, the day has come where I have become a proud owner of a PS4. *choir of angels sing*

I’ve been wanting to upgrade to a next gen console for a while now, and as much as I love my Xbox 360, the graphics quality just isn’t top notch anymore. Personally, the new games being released deserve to be played on a higher quality console, and you’re paying pretty much the same price for a game, whether it’s on 360, Xbone or PS4. The day will come when they decide to stop selling games for the Xbox 360, and I don’t want to get left behind! (Of course, it wont be in the near future. Microsoft get a hell of a lot of revenue from 360 players.)

Now I’m a very sentimental person, which is why it’s taken two years to even think about upgrading. But don’t worry, My 360 still has pride of place right next to my PS4. I’ve got a hell of a lot of unfinished games to play on it, and it’ll be played until it’s little green button fades to red.

The trouble it caused me to buy this damned console was incredible. I decided to buy it 2am Thursday night, but wanted it to be delivered to my friend’s house in London, as I was driving down on Saturday for a few days. He also has a PS4, and we had this brilliant idea of setting up two big TVs so we didn’t have to play Call of Duty on split screen. Genius.

Well my bank didn’t seem to like the idea of me trying to send a £300 console to London, rejected the transactions and wanted to call my house phone. By this time it was close to 3am, my parents were in bed so there was no way they could call me. I cancelled the order, and had one last try on Amazon. The console itself was a bit pricier, but as Amazon is a well used website I order from, it worked. It was also the only website offering guaranteed delivery on the Saturday, so it worked out quite well. Except for having to explain to the bank the next day that yes, those five transaction attempts were me.

The PS4 arrived in London before I did, and ahh, what a beauty:


I had a really great time the past few days, the double TV set up was bloody brilliant. I stupidly forgot to take a photo, but believe me, it was gamer heaven. I only played Call of Duty, as I decided to keep Destiny for once I got home, but we also played the latest Telltale Games instalment, Game of Thrones.

Here’s the set up in my bedroom back home:


I’m having to buy an ethernet cable and feed it through from downstairs, as the WiFi connection isn’t that great unfortunately. I’m not sure if it’s just slow tonight (I only got home about four hours ago!) but I’d rather get the cable set up to ensure I’ve got a good connection. Here’s the problem I had trying to download the Destiny update:


Yes that’s right, THIRTY TWO HOURS. At that rate it’ll be ready Friday morning. Crazy.

Currently I have CoD: AW, Destiny, a few of the free monthly games downloaded, and I’ve just ordered Murdered: Soul Suspect. I’m eager to try Bloodborne, and I’m yet to play The Last of Me, so no doubt I’ll be buying those two games on my next pay day.

Any PS4 game recommendations or tips? Let me know! At the moment I feel like a right newbie, trying to work my way round the menu screen..

Expect lots of blogs from now on of me gushing over my PS4, or moaning about the bad WiFi connection. Either way, watch this space.

– AmyGames

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