About Me


I’m Amy, 26, from a little place in the North West of England. You’ve probably never heard of it. Besides working a boring 9 to 5 office job, I enjoy a bit of gaming. So I decided to start a blog to talk about it!

I like to call myself a casual but passionate gamer. A gamer on a budget, or a woman in denial if you look at my Steam library. My favourite genres are usually action-adventure, survival horror or good old first person shooter games, but hell, I’ll try anything once.

My all time favourite game? Spyro the Dragon. Worst game ever? SPICE WORLD.

On the side, I’m a bit of an obscure cross stitch lover, so you might see the odd post about the nerdy crafts I create. I’ve got my own little Etsy page too, so if you’re interested in owning your very own custom cross stitch of your favourite game, I’m your gal.

Happy gaming!


Twitter: @littleamyhere

Instagram: @curlystitches

Etsy: Curly Stitches


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