Merry Christmas!

Just a quick update to say Merry Christmas to everyone! We’re currently waiting for our dinner to finish cooking, we left it a bit late as we had family turn up later than expected..

I’m not going to lie, this year turned out to be a bit of a rough one. I’ve had some health problems, had to have surgery last month, and will be going back in to hospital next year for an even bigger operation. This is why the blog took a sudden lull in updates. I’ve got loads of blogs still in draft form that I just couldn’t find the energy to finish.

That being said, I’ve really enjoyed my little gaming blog. I only started it at the beginning of January, and it’s been fun talking about games, writing my own reviews, talking about my nerdy crafts and making some internet friends through here!

I’m making it one of my New Year Resolutions to give the blog a little boost, even if it’s just little blog updates to show off my new cross stitch creations for my Etsy (yup, I made an Etsy a few months ago. You should check it out, order a custom design ;D). So expect more from me in 2016!

I’ll only make this a quick one, I hope you enjoy your day with your loved ones and eat lots of food. If you’re not having a good day then keep your chin up, play one of your favourite games or watch a crappy movie that makes you laugh. I had a rubbish Christmas last year (families..), so I know exactly how it feels.

Until next time, my lovelies!

– AmyGames

Twitter: @littleamyhere

Etsy: CurlyStitches


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